Despite Brexit: still top prices!

ATTENTION CHANGE: Due to Brexit, price structures are currently changing. Since we only use quality xenon lamps from Great Britain in our company, we are unfortunately also affected. Therefore, the costs for xenon lamps are increasing for us.

But despite Brexit we still offer you fantastic prices: An IPL lamp exchange, SHR lamp exchange and lamp exchange for other xenon lamps costs only € 500 plus VAT!


Xenon lamp replacement for IPL and SHR devices at EURO-IPL in Hamburg

EURO-IPL is your reliable partner even after the purchase! We specialize in devices for permanent hair removal and offer a competent and fast lamp replacement service. By regularly replacing the IPL / SHR device lamp, it is possible to maintain the performance of your device at a high level and to increase the service life of your device.


Why is it important to have an IPL or SHR lamp replaced regularly?

Xenon lamps are wearing parts and are subject to constant wear and tear. After a certain number of light pulses have been carried out, the power of the xenon lamp slowly becomes weaker. Xenon lamps must be replaced regularly to achieve optimal treatment results.


How many light pulses do qualitative xenon lamps have?

With quality xenon lamps, from the original manufacturer in Great Britain, the lamps create a large number of light pulses. Here it is said that a lamp in the SHR device creates around 500,000 light pulses and a lamp in the IPL device creates around 100,000 light pulses. Of course, slight deviations are possible here, as this also depends on the usage. That means: If treatment is carried out with higher energy settings, the power of the xenon lamp could be used up earlier. To be really sure, we therefore recommend that you contact us before the 500,000 light pulses so as not to get into the problematic area in the first place.

Either way, make sure that when you replace the lamp for your IPL or SHR device, you are provided with a quality lamp with 100,000 light pulses or 500,000 light pulses.


You would like to have a lamp changed: What are the next steps for you?

If you need a lamp replacement for your IPL or SHR device, you can reach us by phone, email or WhatsApp. Since our customers are close to our hearts, we will deal with your request as quickly as possible. As a rule, we carry out a lamp exchange within 1 to 2 working days. We always have the necessary lamps in stock and in various sizes. As part of the lamp exchange, our experts also check the handpiece of your device to let you know that the handpiece is working properly. We therefore rule out the possibility that a lamp defect was caused by a defect in the IPL handpiece or SHR handpiece and we ensure that your handpiece has a longer service life!

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of apparatus-based cosmetics, we know almost all devices for permanent hair removal that can be found on the market. Regardless of whether it is a SHR device or an IPL device: We can exchange lamps for a fair price.


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