Rent cosmetic devices before buying

Kosmetik-Geräte mieten vor einem Kauf

Today we would like to explain to you why it is often better to first rent a cosmetic device than to buy it immediately.

Therefore, we now present 4 reasons that make renting advantageous for you. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced and whether you come from the cosmetics or medical industry:


1. You don’t buy a pig in a poke

If you want to enter the aesthetic medicine industry or generally just want to discover a new company for the purchase of a cosmetic device (e.g. laser for hair removal or device for fat burning by cryolipolysis), then you mostly know neither the device nor the company.

However, you still face the decision to spend at least € 5000 or more on this device. This often leads to concerns among many people.

But this does not have to be!
If you rent a cosmetic device, you can:
– Familiarize yourself with the device and find out whether the device is reliable.
– Familiarize yourself with the selling / renting company and whether this company offers you reliable customer service.

After the rental, you are completely familiar with the device and can make a safe decision if you were previously unsure.

2. You can test your business

When you have a new treatment in your store, there are many important things such as:
– Can you handle the device?
– Do you have enough customers for the new treatments?
– Are your customers coping with the new treatments?

If you rent a device in advance, you can try out such things before making a binding purchase!

3. The device may have more or fewer functions than you need

Our customers often choose multifunctional devices with different technologies. However, we often experience that only a few of these technologies are used. In such cases, choosing a device with fewer functions would have been appropriate.

This means that renting a device in advance is perfect for testing whether the choice of a multifunctional device is right for you.

Or you notice: you need more functions at once! In this case we can certainly offer you a better solution.

4. Be sure first, then buy safely

If you have now tried out your potentially new device, you can now make an easier decision about a purchase before the rental ends.

Furthermore, you now had time to set aside money for the purchase and / or even earn money to pay for your device through treatments to customers during the rental!

Of course, in addition to a direct purchase, you also have the option of leasing the device via low monthly installments. We will keep you informed on the subject of “leasing” in the near future.

Are you curious? Then please call us on 0049 40 668 755 50 and we will tell you more!

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