Hair removal by needle depilation

Haarentfernung durch Nadelepilation

The best method for permanent hair removal: needle depilation

A method for permanent hair removal that has been optimized and improved for over 100 years and is even classified by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a method for permanent hair removal?

If you are looking for this, then you can not avoid the so-called needle depilation! (also known as „electro epilation“). This is known to be the only method approved by the FDA as a permanent hair removal method.


What is needle epilation?

Needle depilation is the oldest method of permanent hair removal. It was first carried out in the United States in 1875. Back then it was based on electrolysis, which is why it became known as „electro epilation“.

However, needle depilation has been continuously optimized and brought up to date in the last 144 years. It is still the most tried and tested method of permanent hair removal. There are now 3 different types of needle depilation. These are as follows:

Epilation by electrolysis

Electrolysis is the classic method of needle depilation. Here the hair is removed by current, more precisely by direct current. This direct current triggers a chemical reaction in the hair root, which destroys the folicle.

Needle epilation by thermolysis

As the name suggests, thermolysis works with heat. It is the further development of electrolysis and works with high-frequency alternating current. The high-frequency alternating current generates heat at the tip of the needle. This heat causes a denaturation (structural change) of the hair root, which destroys it.

Needle epilation by BLEND

The BLEND method is the very latest and most efficient method of permanent hair removal using needle depilation. Here the two methods of electrolysis and thermolysis are brought together, which leads to an accelerated chemical reaction as in electrolysis. Thus both advantages of thermolysis and electrolysis are used in the most efficient way.


How does needle epilation treatment work?

When treating by needle depilation, a needle is first attached to the handpiece of the needle depilation device. Depending on the area treated, there are different needles that are suitable for this area. During the treatment itself, the sterile disposable needle is inserted into the hair canal. It remains there for a few seconds until a current pulse is sent that destroys the hair root (electrolysis, thermolysis or BLEND). Overall, only the hair root is destroyed. The skin remains intact because the needle only remains in the hair root for a short time. After delivery of the current pulse, the needle is pulled out and the hair is removed with tweezers.


Treatment areas for needle depilation

The needle depilation is perfect for treating even small areas in a detailed and precise manner. The removal of hair on the face is very popular with this treatment. These are, for example, in women, hair over the lip (so-called „lady beard“) or witch hair (isolated bristly hair on the chin).

Basically, hair can be treated anywhere on the body, but it takes more time.


Special advantages of needle depilation

Compared to other methods of permanent hair removal, needle depilation has a huge advantage: All hair can be removed without exception, regardless of hair color, skin color and thickness of the hair. Furthermore, there are no side effects or late effects.


Are there prerequisites for successful needle depilation?

As I said, there are no requirements / limits with regard to hair color and hair thickness, here all hair types can be removed. The only important thing is that the hairs are at least 2 to 3 millimeters long. Accordingly, waxing or shaving (as with other hair removal methods) beforehand is not recommended and would preclude treatment.

After treatment, the treated person should avoid contact with extreme heat and contact with water for 3 days. In other words: visits to swimming pools and saunas should be postponed. As with the other methods of permanent hair removal, sunbathing should also be avoided in the following weeks.


Needle epilation in your treatment rooms: what to consider

Needle epilation is a treatment that uses great precision. However, precision in this case also means that treatment takes a little longer. Therefore, most cosmetic studios, cosmetic salons or doctor’s offices account for time. Prices in Germany are between 50 and 110 euros per hour. In total, about four to six treatments with a few weeks‘ break between treatments are recommended.


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