Device lock – what does that mean?

Locked devices

We are often addressed by customers on the subject of „locked devices“.
Questions here are, for example:
– „What does that mean?“
– „Why is that?“
– „How does the lock change the device?“

So that you get an answer to all these questions and more, we clarify in this blog entry about the topic „Device lock“.

What does a device lock mean?

First things first: What does a device lock mean?

A „device lock“ is software in the handpieces of, for example, IPL or SHR devices. The software gives the handpiece of the device the command from a certain number of light impulses not to emit any more light impulses.

For example, this can be the case with SHR devices from 300,000 light pulses. The handpiece could theoretically continue to work, but it can practically no longer. Because the software completely blocks the pulse output of the handpiece and you have to have the lamp replaced. However, thanks to the software, only the selling company can replace the lamp (or the company that installed the device lock).


Why can only the selling company change the lamp?

Since the software tells the device that the „lamp is empty and needs to be replaced“, the company that programmed the software into the device must update this software. That means: you could change the lamp at another company, but your device would still not work accordingly. Because your device can only work again after the software has been reset. With many providers, such a block already occurs with approx. 300,000 light pulses in SHR devices (even if the handpiece usually still creates up to 500,000 light pulses if it meets the quality standards of the EU).

How does the lock change the device?

Basically, the lock on the device does not change the basic functions, do not worry. You are only forced to always go to the same company to replace the lamp (or spend a very large sum on permanently unlocking the device). Accordingly, it makes sense to find out about follow-up costs beforehand and not just to look at the purchase price.


Why is it important not only to look at the purchase price?

If you buy a good cosmetic device, you can use this device for several years at work. From time to time the xenon lamp of an SHR or IPL device is „empty“ and must therefore be replaced. Depending on the provider of the device, the costs of replacing the lamps vary. Often you get a device from different providers for a normal market price, but pay very high sums for services.

Of course, it can also happen that your device at company A costs exactly as much or less than at company B, but each lamp replacement at company A already costs € 1,000 more than at other companies. That means: the longer you use the device, the more expensive it becomes for you when you buy from company A. Because you will have to replace the lamp regularly. Therefore, it is of course not only worth paying attention to the purchase price, but also calculating how much money you would have to spend on services in the coming years (lamp replacement, maintenance, possibly additional costs for unlocking the device, etc.)


Why is that?

At this point you are probably asking yourself: Why are there device locks at all?
In principle, this device lock should probably be used so that you do not overload the life of the xenon lamp in the device handpiece. Without a lock, you could emit an infinite number of light pulses. However, the light pulses in SHR devices usually lose their effect from a number of 500,000 pulses. Therefore, this number of 500,000 light pulses should never be overused with SHR devices.


Does a device lock also involve risks for you?

In the event that your seller is sometimes unavailable, is too slow in service, or charges you too high, you have a problem.
In this case you do not have the option of having the lamp replaced by another provider.
And much worse: If your seller goes bankrupt or is permanently unavailable, your device is ready for scrap. Because if your device can no longer be unlocked by the seller, you can never use the device again. Then you would have to pay even higher costs and buy a new device.


Do your SHR and IPL devices also have a lock?

Our devices have no lock. We trust that you act responsibly and do not consume more than 500,000 light pulses with SHR devices. Because everything about the life of your xenon lamp is no longer effective. This means: your customers do not get the promised effect of the treatment.

With our lamps we guarantee that they are high quality original lamps from England. Therefore, our xenon lamps also create 500,000 light pulses and not just about 300,000 or similar little.


Our recommendation to you

Finally, we would like to give you a few recommendations for the future.

It is very important: Always inform in advance!

When you buy a device, learn about the following:
– Do you get cheap service?
– Do you get a qualitative lamp from the manufacturer from England, which also creates 500,000 light pulses?
– Is the device locked?

The topic of blocking is particularly important for the reasons mentioned.
We also recommend: Make sure that prices are fixed. It is best to record these prices in writing in the contract. Because if you buy a locked device, you are bound to the seller and have to “endure” every price increase.

Do you have further questions on this topic?

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