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Would you like to buy a used device for your cosmetic studio or would you like to sell one of your existing devices but need advice? With the naked eye it is usually impossible to know whether the device is still efficient. Sometimes a used device looks completely normal, but unfortunately does not produce any visible or lasting results. If you buy such a device and it is defective, it could be more expensive to repair it than the device itself. The repair may no longer be possible because the device is relatively old and any spare parts are no longer available. Then it is worthwhile to have a competent assessment carried out. As part of the assessment, our competent and experienced experts will check a device for you. As a result, you are buying a high quality device for your beauty salon.


Assessment of cosmetic device before sale

If you want to sell one of your existing devices and need advice, we can also help you. We carry out maintenance and check everything on the device. For example, if your device needs a lamp replacement, we can quickly replace the lamp for you. After the assessment, we can also give you an orientation regarding the price of your device. In addition, we confirm to the new buyer that your device was checked competently and independently and is still efficient. In retrospect, you thus have one more sales argument for your old device.


Professional assessment at EURO-IPL

Quality and safety are the be-all and end-all in the field of cosmetic equipment. There are many factors that influence the efficiency of a device. Thanks to our many years of experience with a wide variety of devices, we can independently assess these factors and the condition of the device. We will tell you whether the device is operational and safe. We test almost all devices in the field of cosmetic equipment. These are, for example, IPL / SHR devices, hair removal lasers, devices for fat reduction, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and much more!


The advantages of professional assessment at a glance

After the assessment of your cosmetic device, you will receive information such as:
– Information about the manufacturer.
– Age of use of the device.
– Condition of the device.
– Spare parts availability.
– The type of damage (if there is damage).

Do you have anymore questions? Just get in touch with us! We are always ready to help.


The process of the assessment

If your cosmetic device needs an assessment, you can contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp. We will deal with your request as quickly as possible and carry out the tests. After the assessment, we will contact you and provide you with information on all common questions.


Assessment for insurance damage

Is your device broken by an insurable damage and you need a status report for your insurance? (for example the handpiece fell down during treatment and is now broken)

We can also help you with this. We receive your device and the necessary accessories (for example the handpiece) and our technical department checks the amount of the damage (whether minor damage, major damage or even total write-off).

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of apparatus-based cosmetics, we can issue you a damage report after assessing the damage, which you can alternatively present as an expert opinion to your insurance company.


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