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Cosmetic equipment service in Hamburg

Is your device no longer efficient or not working? The handpiece of your device is defective and the lamp needs to be changed? No panic! We are your salvation! With us you not only get high quality equipment, but also first class service.

Even after the purchase, we remain your reliable partner and are always ready to repair your devices quickly and professionally.

Due to our experience in the field of apparatus-based cosmetics, we can repair almost all devices that have to do with permanent hair removal, skin tightening, fat burning, tattoo removal or facial cleansing. Smaller devices such as foot care devices, multifunctional towers and more are also possible!


Cosmetic equipment service

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of cosmetics, we have the necessary specialist knowledge of cosmetic equipment and carry out fast and competent repairs and handpiece service.


How does the repair service work at EURO-IPL?

In the event of a problem, we need the basic information from you such as:

  • What is the defect? (e.g. the device does not start, the handpiece does not emit any impulses, water runs out)
  • Device designation / model name (e.g. SHR Genius, Haarfrei Multi Pro 3)
  • Serial number
  • Has the device already been repaired?

And if you send us pictures of your broken device (e.g. device itself, handpiece, the connection of the handpiece, etc.), we can often see where the defect is (e.g. defect display on the device display).

We will deal with your request as soon as possible and send you a cost estimate. We can issue this after our technical department has received your device for diagnosis. If you agree to this, we will start the repair immediately!

Since our customers are important to us, we work with full cost transparency and provide you with all repair contents without hidden costs.


IPL and SHR device service in Hamburg

Our service motto for you is safe, fast and cheap – regardless of whether it is an IPL or SHR device, our experts are always ready to find a solution to your problem! We carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and repair your device. Benefit from our experience and professionalism!


IPL handpiece service & SHR handpiece service

A long service life is very important for IPL handpieces and SHR handpieces. We only offer high-quality IPL handpieces that enable sustainable results for your customers. In addition, our service is quick and professional. Do you have any questions about IPL devices, SHR devices, SHR handpieces or IPL handpieces? Then we look forward to your message or your call!


SHR and IPL lamp replacement

The results after treatment keep getting worse? The reason could be the lamp on your SHR device or IPL device! If the lamp is relatively old, the device loses its effectiveness, because: Xenon lamps also have an end and the impulses no longer have any effect. For quality English lamps from the original manufacturer, this is 500,000 light pulses SHR lamps and 100,000 light pulses for IPL lamps. It is therefore important to change the lamp in good time. We can help with this: Our experts will find the right lamp for your device and replace it for you! With a high quality lamp, the treatments are effective and enable a good, visible result for your customers!


We are always there for you!

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